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Learning Python 3 Programming for the Absolute Beginner 2022
  • Experience level required: Beginner
  • Access 61 lectures & 6 hours of content 24/7
  • Length of time users can access this course: Lifetime

Course Curriculum

61 Lessons (6h)

  • Your First Program

  • Introduction

    Resources and Materials5:56
  • Software Setup

    Installing Python and PyCharm4:33
  • Write your first Python Program

    Create a Hello World App7:17
  • Background of the Python Programming Language

    History and Characteristics of Python9:57
  • Variables and Comments

    Foundation : Variables3:06
  • Print Statements

    Using the print() function in Python12:11
    Challenge : Print( ) statements2:36
    Solution : Print( ) statements4:52
  • Working with Common Data Types

    Foundation : Introduction to Data Types1:45
    Data Types10:19
    Casting and Conversion6:20
    Foundation : Working with Strings1:48
    Working with Strings - Part 113:30
    Working with Strings - Part 212:56
    Challenge : Strings1:47
    Solution : Strings8:45
  • Operators

    Foundation : Operators6:47
    Working with Operators8:34
    Challenge : Operators0:48
    Solution : Operators1:59
  • Working with Data Structures

    Foundation : Introduction to Python Data Structures6:10
    Foundation : Lists2:16
    Working with Lists - Part 110:38
    Working with Lists - Part 212:34
    Challenge : Lists1:17
    Solution : Lists7:02
    Foundation : Sets2:32
    Working with Sets - Part 17:35
    Working with Sets - Part 27:52
    Challenge : Sets1:23
    Solution : Sets4:18
    Foundation : Tuples1:47
    Working with Tuples12:47
    Challenge : Tuples0:53
    Solution : Tuples3:47
    Foundation : Dictionaries2:31
    Working with Dictionaries - Part 18:52
    Working with Dictionaries - Part 25:38
    Challenge : Dictionaries0:53
    Solution : Dictionaries4:43
  • Conditionals and Looping

    Foundation : Conditionals and Looping7:16
    If statements - Part 110:53
    If statements - Part 29:30
    While statements11:12
    For statements8:38
    Challenge : Conditionals and Looping1:24
    Solution 1 : Conditionals and Looping3:46
    Solution 2 : Conditionals and Looping4:27
  • Working with Functions

    Foundation : Functions3:52
    Functions - Part 19:10
    Functions - Part 28:52
    Functions - Parameters passing by reference7:36
    Recursive Functions7:21
    Challenge : Functions1:27
    Solution : Functions8:47
  • Object-Oriented Programming - Working with Classes

    Foundation : Object Oriented Programming in Python5:48
    Foundation : Inheritance5:53
    Foundation : Encapsulation4:28
    Foundation : Abstraction2:10
    Foundation : Polymorphism3:34
    Defining classes, constructors and methods9:07
    Inheritance and Private / Public properties11:23
    Private Attributes or Properties7:22
    Solution : Temperature Class - Object-Oriented Programming8:51
    Solution : Circle Class - Object-Oriented Programming11:56
  • Exception and Error Handling

    Foundation : Exception Handling in Python with try and except6:53
    Try Except Else statements8:12
    Finally statements and assertions12:15
    Challenge : Exceptions0:33
    Solution : Exceptions5:45
  • Modules

    Foundation : Modules2:35
    Creating a Module9:29
    Importing a Module10:24
    Using if name for checking if your program is executing8:13
    Challenge : Modules2:47
    Solution : Modules - Create the Module7:57
    Solution : Modules - Create the Main Program5:10
  • Input and Output

    Foundation : Getting Input from the User1:35
    Using the sys module6:49
    Using the argparse library9:22
    Foundation : Working with Files5:04
    Working with Files - Part 1- Creating, Writing to and Reading from Files9:59
    Working with Files - Part 2 - Exploring other ways of reading data from a file4:26
    Working with Files - Part 3 - File Seek and Editing Files9:56
    Foundation : Working with File and Directory Commands1:18
    Working with Files and Directories8:22
  • Working with Data Files

    Foundation : Working Data Files (CSV and JSON)4:00
    Reading CSV Files - Part 112:34
    Reading CSV Files - Part 27:07
    Writing CSV Files11:54
    Reading JSON Files - Reading (Deserialization) - Part 17:48
    Working with JSON Files - Writing (Serialization) - Part 28:00
    Working with Pandas - Loading CSV Files in a DataFrame - Part 111:12
    Working with Pandas - Writing out CSV Files - Part 27:35
  • Working with HTTP

    Foundation : Working with HTTP in Python1:26
    GET Requests - Part 112:55
    GET Requests - Adding QueryString Parameters - Part 211:09
    Open Weather Map API Review5:23
    GET Requests to Open Weather Map - Part 37:29
    Handling Network Errors for GET Requests - Part 48:20
    POST Requests5:55
  • Closing

    Closing Comments

Learning Python 3 Programming for the Absolute Beginner 2022

Lee Assam

Lee Assam | Electrical and Software Engineer | University Instructor

4.4/5 Instructor Rating: ★ ★ ★ ★

Lee Assam holds a Bachelor's Degree in Electrical and Computer Engineering and a Master's Degree in Computer Science. His passion for innovation has resulted in several wins in Hack Day competitions. He is a US Patent holder and has numerous US Patent Applications currently being reviewed. His hobby is Arduino and the Internet of Things. He has been playing around with the Arduino and the Raspberry Pi platforms since their inception, and he uses his Electrical Engineering background coupled with software development skills to create and develop exciting projects.


Learn the Python 3 Programming Language as quickly and efficiently as possible with hands-on practice challenges and solutions. This course is catered to beginners who want to learn the Python 3 Programming Language or developers who already know another language and want to learn Python 3. All major concepts are taught and the course contains challenge questions with fully explained solutions to cement all the concepts you will learn.

4.8/5 average rating: ★ ★ ★ ★

  • Access 61 lectures & 6 hours of content 24/7
  • Learn Python from an experienced professional software developer
  • Do hands-on practice exercises w/ fully explained solutions for all topics taught
  • Become comfortable using Python to solve problems
"Great course! Excellent step-by-step walkthroughs describing different capabilities of Python. Did a great job describing foundational topics including data structures and object-oriented programming." – Kelby Lee


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  • Length of time users can access this course: lifetime
  • Access options: desktop & mobile
  • Redemption deadline: redeem your code within 30 days of purchase
  • Experience level required: beginner
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  • Any device with basic specifications


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